This is music that soothes the soul-- a rich tapestry of Celtic moods for gentle, quiet contemplation. The melodious and gentle sounds of the leather-covered wooden mallets dancing across over eighty strings create a harp-like resonant sustain that brings a special beauty to the ancient melodies. Add a rich overlay of strings, the deep tonal qualities of woodwinds, traditional Celtic and early music instruments and this album will take you into the light.

"Music for Relaxation" is one of the fastest growing new categories of music ideal for relaxation, mediation and massage. A perfect accompaniment for yoga, tai chi, massage, meditation, body work, Pilate's, travel or simply relaxing. Celtic Meditations will relieve your stress on the busy highway of life!

This is a special collection taking the most contemplative music, re- mastered and re-edited, from Maggie Sansone's A Traveler's Dream, Dance Upon the Shore and Ancient Noels. Includes: The Seeker/ Farewell To Nigg/ Seas Are Deep/Dervish/ Breton Set/Down the Hill/Skye Aire/Manx Aire/Mist Covered Mountains/Mummer's March/Flowers Among Us All/Sergeant Early's Dream/ Renaissance Set. (67:07 minutes)

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"This latest offering of Maggie Sansone reiterates her sensitive, innovative ability on the hammered dulcimer. Backed by an accomplished lineup of musicians, she presents a collection of lovely gentle tunes whose themes range from Celtic mythology to medieval, to contemporary. This album is marvelously calming, reflective, lovely collection of tunes played delicately and artfully by first rate artists."

~ New Age Voice

"Wonderful CD. Very well paced. Livelier than some CD's often used in healing arts and massage which can lull the therapist into a "near-zombie" state after a few listens. This one is very soothing and pleasant, enjoyed by myself and my clients. it's a recording I could easily listen to every day."

~ Massage Therapist, Deale, MD.

Liner Notes 

I am pleased to gather one special collection, the most contemplative melodies from my recordings. While based in the Celtic tradition, they express a universal quality, transcending borders and speaking to the highest in all of us with lightness and joy! Again, I thank again all the musicians and producers for their inspired performances and creativity.
- Maggie Sansone

1-2. Green Fields of Woodford/Summer Time

Two tunes from Ireland and Northumberland I dedicate to the ancient Celtic summer festival of Lughnasa (loo-nah-sa) from the Latin-Lugh-meaning light. Hammered dulcimer; guitar (al Petteway); Celtic harp (David Sheim); Kalimba, Piano (Bob Read).

3. Farewell to Nigg 
Scottish march written by Scottish composer/piper Duncan Johnstone. Hammered dulcimer; acoustic guitar (Al Petteway); fiddle (Bonnie Rideout); soprano saxophone, organ (Bob Read).

4. Skye Air 
A Scottish air from the Patrick McDonald Collection of Highland Aires (1784). Hammered dulcimer; fiddle (Bonnie Rideout), guitar (Al Petteway), bass (Charlie Pilzer).

5-6-7 Dutch Carol/Hoboekentanz/Schafertanz
Hammered dulcimer; Celtic harp (Sue Richards); Viola da Gamba (Carolyn Anderson Surrick); fiddle (Bonnie Rideout); pennywhistle, recorders, psaltery (Marcia Diehl); Recorders, concertina (Jim Brooks).

8-9. Breton Set
Breton Air Meulomp and Lairde from Brittany, the Celtic region of France. Hammered dulcimer; cittern, guitar (Robin Bullock); fretless bass (Rico Petrucelli); button accordion (Charlie Pilzer).

10. Spanish Cantiga
Cantiga, A Madre Do Que Livrou. Hammered dulcimer; treble viol (Carolyn Anderson Surrick).

11-12. Mummer's March/Pipers Hut 
An Irish and Scottish march. Hammered dulcimer; soprano saxophone, clarinet (Bob Read); guitar, cittern (Robin Bullock)

13-14. Flowers Among Us All/Johnny Armstrong 

Two tunes from Northumberland in North East England. Hammered dulcimer; fiddle (Bonnie Rideout); Celtic harp (David Sheim); Kalimba, clarinet, flute, piano (Bob Read).

15. Sheep Beneath the Snow 
Manx lament from the Isle of Man, with an original variation in 3/4 that I wrote. Hammered dulcimer; whistle, Irish flute, (Sarah Bauhan); Celtic harp (Sue Richards), guitar (Al Petteway); bass (Charlie Pilzer).

16. Sergeant Early's Dream
An Irish reel played real slow! Hammered dulcimer; fretless electric bass (Rico Petrucelli).

17. Mist Covered Mountains of Home 
Traditional Scottish tune. Hammered dulcimer; Celtic harp (Sue Richards); concertina, pennywhistle (Wendy Morrison); guitar (Robin Bullock).

18. Medieval Carol
Orientus Partibus. Hammered dulcimer, hand drum, bells.

19. St Kilda Aire
Hammered dulcimer; fiddle (Bonnie Rideout); Celtic harp (Sue Richards).

SAMHAIN SET: (20-21) copyright Maggie Sansone
20-21. All Hallow's Eve/The Seeker 
Samhain ("sow-win" in Irish Gaelic) marks the Celtic New Year, the beginning of winter and the season of darkness. It inspired this two-part composition. The first is based on the ancient ritual now called Halloween, when earthly barriers dissolve and otherworldly spirits walk the earth. It's followed by a ghostly march that takes us from darkness into the light. Hammered dulcimer, E-bow; Celtic harp (Dave Sheim); flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet (Bob Read).

22. Down the Hill
Traditional Irish set dance. Hammered dulcimer; Irish flute, (Sarah Bauhan); guitar (Al Petteway).

23. Seas Are Deep
Traditional Irish tune. Hammered dulcimer.

24. Dervish
copyright Maggie Sansone
Hammered dulcimer; xaphoon (one-octave bamboo saxophone), tabla, percussion (Bobby Read).

Celtic Meditations
  1. Greenfield of Woodford Maggie Sansone 1:07
  2. Summertime Maggie Sansone 0:52
  3. Mummer's March/The Burning of the Piper's Hut Maggie Sansone 1:39