Celtic Scarves

Folk Artists pay tribute to Celtic art and tradition in colorful hand made scarves - with thousands of uses including: wall art/tapestries, covers for musical instruments/table/desk covers, or wrap around beach wear and cover-ups.

44 inches by 64 inches and 100% rayon.

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Pippoglyph Playing Cards

Pippoglyph Playing Cards- BEAUTIFUL Designs!

playing cards
Pippoglyph Playing Cards
Pippoglyph playing cards use the customary suit pips - spades, heats, diamonds and clubs, elaborated from the simple spots to refined sigils. Each box contains 1 deck: a 60 card poker sized deck that includes the standard 52 plus 4 "X" Cards, 2 jokers, and 2 add cards. Attention to detail makes even the lowest number card a marvelous treasure. Add to Cart $9 (shipping included)
Detailed Image of Playing Cards

PEG LEG PETE Playing Cards (PIRATE designs)

Pegleg Pete's Deck of Royal Rogues

Any game you can play with a standard land lubber's deck you can play with these here cards. Old Pegleg didn't stop there, he added an extra Serpent card to each suit. This makes it possible to create strange new variants of classic card games. In all the deck has 58 cards: the standard 52 plus 2 Jokers and 4 Serpent cards. The deck's four over sized indices make it ideal for right and left handed buccaneers of all ages. $9 includes shipping or call (410-867-0642) email to order: mail@maggiesmusic.com

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