Celtic and American style guitarist, Robin Bullock, is America's best!

A celebration of Celtic roots and the wild American spirit in traditional, Irish and old-time music, with Robin Bullock on 6- and 12-string guitars, cittern, mandolin, fiddle, viola, pennywhistle, piano and bass guitar. Guest musicians include Scottish harp champion Sue Richards, Grammy winner Chris Norman on Irish flute, Myron Bretholz on bodhran and Steve Bloom on Djembe, ashiko, dumbek, congas, shakers and ganza. (55:13 minutes)

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"A musician whose stylistic expertise and technical skill are second to none."

- Classical Guitar Magazine (UK).

"A truckload of talent."

- Dirty Linen Folk & World Music magazine

Tune List

  1. John Mackenzie's Fancy (3:45)
  2. Ar Eirinn Ni `Neosfainn Ce Hi (For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name) (4:16)
  3. Jaybird Suite (7:49)
  4. Spider (3:40)
  5. Carrickfergus (5:04)
  6. Bob and Margie's Waltz (4:24)
  7. Rascal's Castle (3:24)
  8. Ash Grove Suite (8:04)
  9. Maho Snaps / Port of Call / Midnight Howl (3:42)
  10. Belle of Lexington / Forty Miles to Louisville (4:21)
  11. Lost Hollow Lament (4:22)

Liner Notes


Robin Bullock ~ 6- and 12-string guitars, cittern, mandolin, fiddle, viola, pennywhistle, piano and bass guitar
Steve Bloom 
~ Djembe,ashiko,dumbek,congas, shakere & ganza
Myron Bretholz ~ Bodhran
Chris Norman ~ Wooden flute
Sue Richards ~ Celtic harp

1. John Mackenzie's Fancy**
Scottish pipe tune turns tribal stomp. The mandolin heard on this track was built by my North Carolina buddy, Rob Sharer. Robin on citterns, mandolin, guitar & bass; Steve on dumbek, ashiko, djembe & shakers.

2. Ar Eirinn Ni 'neosfainn Ce Hi (for Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name).
My Americanized take on an Irish air. The lyrics tell of a poet's visitation by a mysterious lady. When she reveals herself to be the nation of Ireland personified, he vows to keep her secret. (But then he gives it away in the title!) Robin on guitar, piano & fiddle.

3. Jaybird Suite (Little Brown Coffin/Madam Bonaparte/Jaybird/ Drink Shank)
Irish hornpipe and set dance followed by two American old- time fiddle tunes. This suite features the cittern, a larger cousin of the mandolin. Robin on 12-string guitar, citterns, bass, 6- string guitar, mandolin & fiddle.

4. Spider*
A composition named after an all-black bicycle I used to own. Robin on guitar.

5. Carrickfergus
A famous Irish song of exile and longing. The town of Carrickfergus is in County Antrim in the northeast of Ireland. Robin on cittern, guitar & viola; Sue on Celtic harp; Chris on wooden flute.

6. Bob and Margie's Waltz*
For treasured friends, Bob and Margie Farmer. Robin on guitar.

7. Rascal's Castle* 
A New Age Celtic mambo (how's that for a category?). I took the name from a van I once saw on the highway. Robin on guitar & bass; Steve on ganza & congas.

8. Ash Grove Suite (Ash Grove/Three Ravens/Morgan Megan/Planxty Tom Bombadil*)
The first two tunes are well-known throughout Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, and are claimed by all four nations. The third is a composition by legendary Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738). The final tune, composed as O'Carolan might have if he'd had chromatic notes available on his harp, is a planxty (tribute) in honor of the marvelous character in J.R.R. Tolkien's THE LORD OF THE RINGSRobin on guitar.

9. Maho Snaps/Port of Call*/Midnight Howl* 
I learned the first jig from Irish piper Joe McHugh and hammer dulcimerist Barry Carroll during a wild weekend at the International Hackbrett Festival in Munich. The second is named in honor of Solomons Island, Maryland. The title of the third is self-explanatory (woof!). Robin on mandolins, citterns, piano, fiddle, guitar & bass; Myron on bodhran.

10. Belle of Lexington/Forty Miles To Louisville 
A pair of Kentucky fiddle tunes, just for fun. My source for the second was the late Merle Watson, still one of my favorite musicians. Robin on fiddles, mandolin, guitar & bass.

11. Lost Hollow Lament*
Lost Hollow is a private name for my secret wooded refuge. This piece is a tribute to the healing power of wild places, and a lament for their disappearance. Robin on guitar & pennywhistle.

* Composed by Robin Bullock, publ. Wolf Howl Music (BMI), administered by Maggie's Music (BMI).** Composed by James A. Barrie, publ., J. McFadyen, Scotland. All other selections traditional, arranged and adapted by Robin Bullock, publ.

Wolf Howl Music BMI; administered by Maggie's Music (BMI).


Midnight Howl
  1. John Mackenzie's Fancy Robin Bullock 0:30
  2. Ar Eirinn Ni `Neosfainn Ce Hi (For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name) Robin Bullock 0:31
  3. Maho Snaps / Port of Call / Midnight Howl Robin Bullock 0:28