Featuring Karen Ashbrook on Hammered dulcimer, Irish flute, pennywhistle and with some of the best Celtic musicians in the USA. Go straight to the heart of an Irish session with jigs, reels, airs and Breton dances performed on hammered dulcimer and Irish flute. Karen is joined by Celtic superstars: All-Ireland fiddle champion Brendan Mulvihill on fiddle, Grammy-nominated Chris Norman on wooden flute and four-time Scottish harp champion Sue Richards on Celtic harp; also David Kornblum on bouzouki, guitar and fiddle; Dan Blum on guitar, Wendy Morrison on concertina and Myron Bretholz on bodhran.

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"Certain to warm the cockles of any Celtic heart!"

~ The Washington Post

Tune List

  1. Curlew / Green Hills of Tyrol (2:54)
  2. Crested Hens / Laride' (3:42)
  3. Willie Coleman's / Bank of Turf (2:46)
  4. Princess Royal / Galway Bay (4:37)
  5. Johnny Doherty's Marches / Providence Reel (6:44)
  6. Dusty Windowsills / Tripping Upstairs (4:07)
  7. An tSean Bhean Bocht (The Poor Old Woman) (5:10)
  8. Four Mile Stone / Fox in the Glen (3:08)
  9. Lady Lorraine (3:10)
  10. Knock On the Door / Argyle Socks (4:35)

Liner Notes


Karen Ashbrook ~ Hammered dulcimer & Irish flute
David Kornblum ~ Bouzouki, fiddle & guitar
Dan Blum ~ Guitar
Sue Richards ~ Celtic harp
Wendy Morrison ~ Concertina & pennywhistle
Brendan Mulvihill ~ Fiddle & viola
Chris Norman ~ Irish flute
Myron Bretholz ~ Bodhran & bones

1. Curlew/Green Hills of Tyrol 2:54
In Ireland, "The Curlew" is sometimes called "My Granny Drowned in the Pool at Lourdes." The second reel comes from the fiddling of Terry O'Neill. Hammered dulcimer, flute (Chris Norman), bouzouki, & guitar (Dan Blum).

2. Crested Hens/Laride 3:42
I learned this version of "The Crested Hens" at the Victoria Pub in London. It was first composed as a bourree by a Breton hurdy gurdy player named Chabenat. The larides that follow are dances from southeast Brittany. We mimic the Breton bagpipes (biniou) and bombarde with a fiddle and concertina in our arrangement. Hammered dulcimers, fiddle (David Kornblum) & concertina.

3. Willie Coleman's/Bank of Turf 2:46
A jig and slide. Flute (Karen Ashbrook), bouzouki & bodhran.

4. Princess Royal/Galway Bay 4:37
This slow air appears to be a Scottish version of the well- known Irish tune sometimes attributed to Turlough O'Carolan. I learned it from fiddler Marty Somberg. The hornpipe comes from the fiddling of Tommy Peoples. Hammered dulcimer.

5. Johnny Doherty's Marches/Providence Reel 6:44
These two marches can be found in The Northern Fiddler and on Johnny Doherty's record Bundle and Go on Topic. Brendan Mulvihill is our local source for "Providence Reel." Hammered dulcimer, fiddle & viola (Brendan Mulvihill), guitar (Dan Blum), bodhran & bones.

6. Dusty Windowsills/Tripping Upstairs 4:07
"Dusty Windowsills" is a jig composed by Chicago pennywhistler, Johnny Harling. David has added a nice rhythmic twist to "Tripping Upstairs." Hammered dulcimer & bouzoukis.

7. An tSean Bhean Bocht (The Poor Old Woman) 5:10
The title of this hornpipe is an allegorical reference to Ireland. We play it as a round. Hammered dulcimer, concertina, Celtic harp & guitar (David Kornblum).

8. Four Mile Stone/Fox in the Glen 3:08
My version of the "Four Mile Stone" comes from the fiddling of Altan's Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh. "Fox in the Glen" was written in a Breton style by harper Sara Park. Hammered dulcimer & guitar (Dan Blum)

9. Lady Lorraine 3:10
Eugene O'Donnell composed this tune for our dear friend, Lorraine Kirk. Hammered dulcimer, fiddle & guitar (David Kornblum), & second guitar (Dan Blum).

10. Knock on the Door/Argyle Socks 4:35
Because the band Shegui learned this tune while tucked inside a bathroom, it won notoriety as "The Convenience Reel." Its proper name is "Knock On the Door." Katy Abrams wrote the second tune. Hammered dulcimer, pennywhistle, concertina, bouzouki, guitar (Dan Blum) & bodhran.

Knock on the Door